History of creation

My favorite observatory is located in Minsk, Belarus.

The way to the construction of the observatory was not simple and a little unusual, I would have said. I have been consistent for the development of my hobby. At the beginning I was planning to gain the experience on a comparative simple (average) astrosetup at my area, and then, if it possible, to resolve the tissue about the automatic remote setup in the “right place”. In other words to set the observatory in a place with a good sky and where will be possible to work almost every night. However, everything formed quite different.
I obtained my telescope with the mount Celestron 1100 Edge HD CGEM in 2012. Pleased by visual observations I took an interest in astrophoto. I spent a lot of time and strength to understand the basics of the astrosetup construction, and to select optimal equipment for the telescope. In the process of my first astrosetup building the misfortune perceived me due to selection of the supplier who gave me the wrong camera QHY11. The camera turned out the defective one and I had to give it back. After this incident I decided to reject from any QHY equipment. As a result I lost six month and the whole autumn and spring in 2012-2013.
Unfortunately, I had to build the second astrosetup at the very beginning. During the process I had a choice between two chips KAI-11002 and KAF-16803 for the main camera. Both of them have the same size of pixels (9 micron), but different diagonal. The second ship was more expensive, but at the same time had the bigger size of the diagonal. Generally I bought the FLI PL 16803 camera. Also in the set from this producer I got the wheel of CFW-5-7 filters (50*50mm), the Atlas focuser, and the assortment of the filters LRGB, HA, OIII, and SII itself.