NGC 1491

NGC 1491 is a bright nebula in the constellation of Perseus. It is also known as LBN 704.

NGC 1491 (also listed in the Sharpless Catalog as SH2-206) is an emission nebula, which means it is a cloud of ionized hydrogen gas and a stellar nursery. The nebula is primarily illuminated by the bright star near the center of this image. This star is not only the primary source of the ultraviolet radiation that is lighting up the nebula, it is also generating an energetic stellar wind that is eroding away the gas of the nebula. At the brightest region of this image near that star, a subtle "bubble" might be seen near that star.

L = 16 * 1800 sec. bin1, RGB = 8 * 1200 sec. bin2, Ha = 26 * 1800 sec. bin2, Ha = 8 * 1800 the each filters.

Total exposition - 33 hours.

Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop, eXcalibrator.

NGC 1491