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NGC 7331

NGC 7331 (also known as Caldwell 30) is a unbarred spiral galaxy about 40 million light-years (12 Mpc) away in the constellation Pegasus. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. NGC 7331 is the brightest member of the NGC 7331 Group of galaxies. The other members of the group, visible to the left of NGC 7331 in the main image, are lenticular or unbarred spirals NGC 7335 and 7336, barred spiral galaxy NGC 7337 and elliptical galaxy NGC 7340. These galaxies lie at distances of approximately 332, 365, 348 and 294 million light years, respectively. [4] In both visible light and infrared photos of the NGC 7331, the core of the galaxy appears to be slightly off-center, with one side of the disk appearing to extend further away from the core than the opposite side.

The galaxy is similar in size and structure to the galaxy we inhabit, and is often referred to as "the Milky Way's twin", although recent discoveries regarding the structure of the Milky Way may call this similarity into doubt, particularly because the Milky Way is believed to be a barred spiral, compared to the unbarred status of NGC 7331.

FWHM of subframes in L are from 1.83″ to 2.74″, L - 2.20″.

L = 32 * 1200 sec. bin1, RGB = 8 * 600 sec. bin2, in each filters.

Total time - 14 hours.

Pixinsight 1.8

NGC 7331


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